The NEXTgen program is a 10-month professional development opportunity aimed at 'up and coming' professionals with  5 – 7 years’ experience in their chosen field.

Applications for 2022-23 are now closed. Register your interest for the 2023/24 intake.


Standards Australia’s NEXTgen program offers emerging industry and technical leaders the opportunity to become involved in national and international standardisation processes.

What is NEXTgen?

Participants will gain a detailed understanding into the world of standards – how they’re made, what impact they have, and most importantly, how to become involved in their development.

The goal of the NEXTgen program is to invest in the next generation of standards leaders and experts and support the future of standards development.


Workshops to understand how committees are constituted, how to draft a standard using our standardisation guide, and how to build your own personal brand

The NEXTgen program offers participants…

A dedicated Standards Australia mentor to provide an ‘insider’s view’ and introduce key industry stakeholders and experts within standards development to build and expand your network

A deep knowledge of standards, their purpose, their benefits and how to better interpret them

A detailed review of the standards development process (including direct exposure to committees), including the necessary skills on how to be an effective technical committee member.

The NEXTgen program is cost-free to successful applicants


The program runs annually from August to May, with places highly sought after.


What participants are saying

Standardisation is at the very heart of my role as National Engineering Manager and as a result, is something I am personally and professionally invested in. Standards underpin the advancement of our society; they are an essential part of, albeit sometimes overlooked, nevertheless fascinating window into the ethics and challenges addressed throughout history.

The NEXTgen program has been an amazing resource for me to gain a greater understanding of how and why everything ties together to create a standard.

I have personally absorbed a lot from this program, and would highly recommend anyone interested in understanding the background of how a standard is formed to jump right in and join the next NEXTgen program.

Working in the environmental and mining space is a hugely important and rapidly evolving space to be working in as we transition into renewable energy. The NEXTgen program has helped me understand how standards are created and connected on a state and international level. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that has an interest in understanding how they can help their organisation be compliant with standards or for those that want to learn how to contribute to standards and ensure all stakeholders are represented.

Roger Tang

Co-founder and CEO of

Jane Arnolda

National Engineering Manager, Structerre

My advice - don’t think twice and just do it! Being a part of the NEXTgen program has been an amazing and immersive experience. I have learnt so much about standards development, not just in my own industry but various other industries. Most of all it has been great to meet and participate in activities during workshops with other like-minded professionals from all over Australia. I am looking forward to utilising the skills and knowledge gained during this program in my everyday role.

Definitely do it! The NEXTgen program builds your knowledge and confidence in standards development ... This will be your channel for voice and escalation. Great exposure to anyone keen.

Amrita Badhan

Apparel Product Technologist, Kmart Australia

Reena Subramaniam

Certification Manager, Rheem Australia

Apply to NEXTgen today!

Applications are straightforward.

We ask that you complete our application form on this webpage, and provide us with:

  • Your CV
  • A letter from your employer supporting you and your commitment to the NEXTgen 2022-23 calendar (below).
  • An application letter (minimum 500 words, maximum 1000 words), covering:
  1. What do standards mean to you?
  2. Describe a time you collaborated with a group to achieve an outcome?
  3. How could your skills and expertise contribute to standards development?

All applicants will be contacted by a member of the Standards Australia NEXTgen team within four weeks after applications close.

NEXTgen Calendar 2022-23

30 AUG 2022

Workshop 1 – Introduction to Standards

31 AUG 2022

Workshop 2 – Drafting Rules

29 SEP 2022

Webinar 1 – How Standards Get Started

18 OCT 2022

Webinar 2 – Nominating Organisations Panel Interview

15 NOV 2022

Webinar 3 – Standards Across the World

9 FEB 2023

Workshop 3 – Building your Personal Brand

7 MAR 2023

Webinar 4 – Making the NEXTstep

27 APR 2023

Workshop 4 – Being an Effective Committee Member  

27 APR 2023


Need more information?

Our team is here to help. If there is anything else you need to know before submitting your application, please email our team at

Know someone you think NEXTgen would be perfect for? Download our information flyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost involved?

The NEXTgen program is free to successful applicants! Aside from a keen willingness to learn, all that is required is a commitment from both student and employer that you will be able to attend all key dates in the NEXTgen calendar.

How many places are available?

There are 25 seats available in the NEXTgen 2022-23 intake.

Who is eligible to apply? What is your criteria?

We’re looking for up and coming professionals with approximately 5 - 7 years’ experience in their chosen field, with an active, professional interest in standardisation (this can be demonstrated, for example, by working for an organisation that actively uses standards).

All applicants should be able to:

  • Commit to attending all scheduled events (see 2022–23 calendar, above).
  • Be able to observe a minimum of three standards meetings (technical or governance).
  • Be committed for the duration of the program, with a view to continued involvement in standardisation.

Applicants must reside in Australia.

Where will NEXTgen be held?

All workshops will be held in person at our offices in the Sydney CBD.

Webinars will run through Zoom.

Travel subsidies are available for those travelling outside of Greater Sydney.

What networking opportunities will be available?

Successful NEXTgen applicants will be attending and participating in workshops, webinars, meetings and professional development activities, with plenty of opportunity to network.

Participants will also have the opportunity and observe a number of technical committee meetings.

Throughout the 10-month program, you will interact with:

  • Technical experts and committee leaders
  • Industry leaders
  • A dedicated mentor
  • Fellow NEXTgen participants

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